Vegetable colouring guide

Do you have any doubts about what colouring or treatment your hair needs to dye it naturally?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the transition to the natural world is always a process or as we like to say in Gaia, it is an experience, a ritual that must be performed to keep us healthy in body and mind.... We are used to chemical dyes that ensure an exact hair colour, but after a couple of colourings they leave our hair damaged, burnt and weakened.


The Gaia experience

The first step of the Gaia experience is to take time for yourself. Time to take care of yourself, not only to colour your hair, but also to relax and pamper your body and mind. So, prepare a space, light some candles, put on some relaxing music and prepare everything you need to colour your hair.

Once you have your space, the Gaia experience begins. Before preparing the mixture we recommend having healthy, hydrated and clean hair. Next, you should ask yourself what effect/colouring you are looking for, taking into account the colour base you have.  



If you are looking for a brown or light brown colour. We recommend using the combination BROWN + NEUTRAL.  You prepare a mixture of the two products to achieve the desired shade of brown in a single application. With BROWN you will cover grey hair perfectly and when you apply NEUTRAL you will achieve the desired shade, as well as giving your hair more volume and shine.

40gr BROWN + 10gr NEUTRAL for dark brown hair 35gr BROWN + 15gr NEUTRAL for brown hair 25gr BROWN + 15gr NEUTRAL for light brown hair 20gr BROWN + 20gr BLONDE for golden brown hair



For the purist chestnuts who do not want to use BROWN we have created HERBAL BROWN, which like the rest of the products is 100% natural. The only drawback is that it needs 2 phases to cover grey hair perfectly. In the first phase we will apply the NATURAL HENNA or natural henna, which will give us a coppery tone to the hair. And in the second colouring we will apply the HERBAL BROWN. With this, your hair will take on a dark copper tone and the grey hair, if you have any, will acquire the effect of highlights.

The longer we apply each colouring, the darker the result will be. If you have a high percentage of grey hair, we recommend using a longer exposure time than recommended and covering the hair with film for better integration.



It can be used to cover grey hair on blonde hair and on mid-lengths and ends. We recommend using the combination BLONDE + BROWN for blonde hair with a high percentage of grey hair.  



35gr BLONDE + 5gr NEUTRAL for a light blonde 38gr BLONDE + 2gr NATURAL HENNA for a copper blonde 30gr BLONDE + 10gr BROWN for a brown blonde 20gr BLONDE + 20gr BROWN for a golden brown hair


Natural Henna will enhance your natural, shiny and healthy red hair. 100% pure Henna is the powder resulting from crushing the leaves of the Lawsonia Inermis plant. The result is strong, healthy hair with a spectacular shine.



IN 24 - 48 HOURS

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Recycle your containers at home or get them back and obtain up to a 20% discount.



with the purchase of 3 or more products

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175 g of veggie colouring so you can repeat without purchasing again.


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