From permanent dyes to vegetable colouring

The current trend towards more natural and environmentally friendly products extends to all areas, including hair care. One of the most popular options is vegetable hair colouring based on henna and Ayurvedic plants, which offers a natural alternative to conventional permanent hair dyes.

     1. What is herbal hair colouring based on henna and ayurvedic plants?

Ayurvedic henna and plant-based vegetable hair colouring is a hair dyeing process that uses 100% natural ingredients. Instead of synthetic chemicals, it uses henna powder and ayurvedic plants, which are mixed with hot water to create a paste that is applied to the hair. Henna is a natural ingredient that has been used for centuries in the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent to dye hair and hands.

     2. What colours are available?

Vegetable hair colouring based on henna and Ayurvedic plants is available in a wide range of colours, from dark brown to golden blonde and red wine red among others. The colours are natural and vary according to the mixture of plants used in the colouring.

      3. How is vegetable colouring applied?

The application process of vegetable hair colouring is similar to that of conventional hair dyes. After cleaning the hair, a mixture is prepared with warm water. The mixture is applied to damp, clean hair, mainly at the roots and then from mid-lengths to ends, and left to act for about 35-40 minutes (DEPENDS ON THE HAIR). Afterwards, rinse with water or shampoo and it is highly recommended to moisturise the hair with a hair mask and, if possible, a hair oil. Henna is an astringent product and can dry out the hair after colouring.

  4. What are the benefits of vegetable hair colouring based on henna and Ayurvedic plants?

In addition to being a more natural and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional hair dyes, vegetable hair colouring based on henna and ayurvedic plants also has health benefits for the hair. Henna and Ayurvedic plants are rich in nutrients that can strengthen and nourish the hair, whereas conventional dyes can cause damage and dryness.


In conclusion, plant-based hair colouring is a healthy and sustainable alternative to traditional hair dyes. In addition to avoiding the use of harmful chemicals, vegetable dyes offer a wide variety of shades and benefits for hair and scalp health. By choosing a vegetable hair colour, you're not only taking care of your hair, but also the environment, so why not give this natural and eco-friendly option a try?

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