Feel the color experience of Gaia

Vegan coloring

Gaia Boats are capable of dyeing any hair shade, covering 100% white hair, and providing you with the color experience you desire.

Although this type of dye is often called henna, henna is only one of the plants that make up the mixture, it is the one that gives the most orange color, but there are other plants in the composition that give the other tones, blond , chestnut trees. Dark, black and indigo, they also provide shine and strength to weakened hair.

Today we leave you some color samples according to the type of hair you are looking for:

From this base, you can always achieve a greater variety of color by mixing proportions of each bottle. For example, with a ratio of 25 grams of brown to 25 grams of blonde we will be able to cover gray hair and a coppery brown tone in blonde hair. There are endless possibilities but it will always depend on the basis of your hair color.

Live the Gaia color experience

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