Dyes, Henna, Ayurvedic Plants & Curly Method

Natural routine for curly hair

The curly method is a natural routine for curly hair. This procedure has an adaptation period. It must be taken into account that to show off our natural hair and eliminate all toxicities, a transition phase is necessary that lasts approximately between one and two months.

We explain our hair routine for curly hair, always in the most natural way. Moisturize, define curls, achieve flexible curly hair, enhance shine, avoid dryness, specific washes without using conventional shampoos, color.


The ultimate sulfate

wash Ayurvedic plants for natural washing

Medium to ends conditioner

Air drying and definition

Tie your hair up to sleep or use a satin pillow


Even so, one of the most frequent problems encountered by women who follow "the curly method" is the use of dyes. To be suitable dyes, they must be without waxes or mineral oils, without ammonia, without sulfates, without silicones and without drying alcohols.

Our recommendation is henna. Henna can be applied as many times as you want, since it does not harm the hair, it provides multiple minerals, vitamins and the nutrients necessary for healthy hair. When applying henna it covers the hair structure and gives strength, shine and volume to the hair. Proof :

Red for a red border
Blonde for golden blondes
Natural henna for a coppery orange
Herbal brown for a strong chestnut

On the contrary, if you don't want to dye but want to give your hair extra nutrition, use our neutral henna pot based on cassia obovata. It is an excellent natural hair conditioner, totally botanical, because it is 100% crushed leaf. It helps us to have our hair with a balanced pH, so it balances the oilier or drier hair from the roots.




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