Beige, Gaia's new vegetal colouring

In the world of hair care, more and more people are opting for natural products that respect their hair. Gaia Hair Experience, a brand renowned for its commitment to quality and naturalness, has launched its innovative product: BEIGE, a vegetable hair colour for blonde hair. In this article, we will introduce you to all the features and benefits that BEIGE offers to transform your blonde mane with a touch of luminosity and vitality.

Benefits for blonde hair: BEIGE is the perfect ally for blonde hair, as it brings beige blonde highlights, luminosity, vitality and strength to your hair. This product not only covers grey hair on blonde and light hair, but also on the mid-lengths and ends (with less exposure time), it refreshes the colour and adds vigour and shine.

The power of Ayurvedic plants: BEIGE is a natural product made from Ayurvedic plants from India. These plants not only give hair shine and body, but also keep the scalp healthy thanks to their beneficial properties. Gaia Hair Experience has carefully combined natural ingredients to offer you a unique and healthy hair colouring experience.

How to use: Applying BEIGE is simple and practical. Follow these steps to get the best results:

Prepare the mixture in a non-metallic bowl in the ratio of 1 part BEIGE (40g) to 3 parts warm water.
Apply the mixture to slightly damp hair, making sure to cover all desired areas.
Leave on for 30 minutes (you can cover hair with a film to enhance results).
Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear.
To maintain and enhance the results, we recommend using the Gaia Pure Mask and Gaia Argan Oil hair oil.

Recommendations : To maximise the benefits of BEIGE, Gaia Hair Experience gives you some recommendations and combinations:

Wash hair with Pure Shampoo Gaia: This specifically formulated shampoo will help prolong the durability of the colour obtained with BEIGE.
Apply Pure Mask Gaia: This hair mask will provide intense hydration to keep hair soft and healthy.
Use Gaia Argan Oil: This hair oil will give your hair shine and strength, keeping it radiant and nourished.
Specific combinations for different shades of blonde:

Light Beige Blonde: Mix 25g of BEIGE + 25g of Blonde.
Blonde (platinum in grey): Mix 25g of BEIGE + 25g of Neutral.
Copper Beige Blonde: Mix 35g of BEIGE + 15g of Natural Henna.
Dark Beige Blonde: Mix 35g of BEIGE + 15g of Brown.
With these combinations, you can adapt BEIGE to your hair tone and achieve personalised results that enhance your natural beauty.

BEIGE by Gaia Hair Experience represents a significant breakthrough in natural hair care for blonde hair. Thanks to its natural and beneficial ingredients, this plant-based hair colour will not only transform your mane with beige blonde highlights, but also keep your hair and scalp healthy. Don't wait any longer and discover the power of BEIGE for radiant, bouncy blonde hair the natural way - Gaia Hair Experience invites you to experience natural beauty in every strand of your hair!

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